6 thoughts on “Reflection: Assessing Student Portfolios

  1. Hey Amy,
    Thanks for your continued transparency and humanity in your assessment evolution. Particularly loved the air quotes around “marking”.
    You know what I realized as I watched your post tonight? I hear your voice when I read your written posts. 🙂 For those that hadn’t met you before tonight, I hope they hear you in your writing from now on too.


    • Thanks for your words, Pat. I’m glad the air quotes had their moment. It’s funny how strange the word ‘marking’ feels right now. I still use it sometimes out of habit, and I have students who will call me out when I do. (“Miss – you just said you hadn’t marked our quizzes yet but you don’t give marks.”) Marking is more about me than it is about my students. Assessment is so much bigger.


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